Long route can be made short; taking away the toil with the perfect set of technology as far as WordPress website is a concern. Right tools with right action enable you to work smart and more productively.

We are talking about the WordPress plugins, those are very helpful tools to widen the area of functionality of WordPress itself. You can select the WordPress plugins as per your requirement and kind of website. Every website needs some significant aspects to be aligned with the users and market.

As we all know, several websites have numerous special features to catch the attention of people as well as search engines including SEO setting and speed of the site. To make the site visitors more engaged with the site and to make the website out of harm, WordPress developers just want some plugins on their WordPress websites proven competent for the speed, security, and SEO.

To make the need better served, there are many WordPress Plugins prominently helping you in process. Many WordPress plugins are available with the similar features. So you need to select the best suitable one for your WordPress plugins.

Best must have plugins for 2018

Let’s discuss top 10 must have free WordPress Plugins for 2018. You can proceed with your chosen one. This way you can enjoy the fast & smart work for your expectable outcome.

WooCommerce is an open source WordPress plugin designed for e-commerce websites. It is very helpful to design the e-commerce website. It is a popular e-commerce plugin that is useful to make easy to sell a great inventory of product online.

The simplicity of this plugin has made it favorable for scores of high-traffic websites.  Setting up the online store is quite a straightforward procedure for many e-commerce owners or developers.

Key Features

  • Integrate well with other plugins
  • Offers genial structure
  • For selling digital and physical products
  • Manage inventory
  • Extensible
  • Strong e-commerce features

Besides the supportive base product, there are so many paid add-ons too.

Jetpack offers set of efficient features for professional WordPress website. So we can say it is a must-have plugin for WordPress website to have extending functionality. It is preferred for the better website performance. Along with hundreds of professional themes for all your WordPress websites it also offers powerful tools for customization.

WordPress website developers enjoy delivery network for limitless image and video content. It also offers a facility to integrate with the WordPress mobile apps. It is a right helping hand for social media posting as well as scheduling and leaves you to worry free for hacking, downtime, and data loss as special security features.

As one of the preferred WordPress Plugin, JetPack allows you to log in securely making threat resolution automated with code scanning and malware scanning.

3] Akismet

As it is named Akismet anti-spam plugin, it helps prevent your website from publishing nasty content.

It checks all the comments automatically and searches out the spam-like content and shows the spammed and unspammed comments as well as reveals hidden/misleading links by displaying them in comment body. The number of approved comments could be viewed by moderators. This can help to view, decide and delete the suspicious links.

Filtering out the spammy content from website leads the speeding up your website. Saving disk space is the major feature offered by Akismet WordPress Plugin.

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress Plugins. It helps you to optimize your WordPress website for search engines. Having wide-ranging useful features with suggestions for gaining rank in search engines make it an accepted WordPress plugin.

In this internet era, no one could be unknown with SEO-search engine optimization. Users find this great plugin very helpful in creating the better content, that is one of the vital factors influence your website’s ranking in search engines.

Yoast SEO is technically suitable WordPress plugin takes all your focus on creating useful content as far as SEO of your website is concern. Content that is useful to visitors serves the SEO purpose greatly. We also called it a sustainable search engine optimize because the useful content helps you win the trust of website visitor and their repeated visit to your WordPress website definitely helps sustain search engine ranking.

  • Select focus keywords
  • Keyword utilization in text
  • Page analysis for meta description, headings and alt tags
  • Page analysis for entire post
  • Suggestion to sat text and image
  • Enhance usability and visibility
  • Snippet preview
  • Increase click-through rate
  • Help create easy, understandable and logical content
  • Enhance readability of content

W3 total cache is very much useful to improve SEO as well as user experience of your WordPress site. Removing all the barriers your website contain and integrate it with CDN ( content delivery network). It is favored for its SEO friendly features.

It is popular to improve the ranking in search engines for the responsive WordPress websites as well as the sites with SSL. Moreover, it is also favorable plugin of WordPress website developers for better conversion rate.

W3 total cache WordPress plugin is one of the best choices when you need to deliver the site content with quick action to your site visitor.


  • Compatible with Virtual private /dedicated server
  • Efficient CDN ( content delivery network)
  • Theme files & media library
  • SSL & AMP support
  • Non-blocking javaScript embedding
  • Import post attachment straight to media library


  • Pages render quickly
  • Pages interact quickly
  • Lessen time to load a page
  • Increased visitor engagement
  • More pages viewed by visitors
  • Better web server performance
  • 80% bandwidth savings. HTTP compression of HTML,CSS, JAVAScript and feeds.

With a great drag & drop experience, the efficient WordPress Plugin Beaver Builder is an insightful tool to build page. The important thing about it is it works n the front end of your WordPress Website and it helps you most in your task even though you don’t have much knowledge of making pages of web designing. When you have this useful plugin, you can easily get rid of tidy shortcodes or to go on writing HTML.


  • Color, video and photo row backgrounds.
  • Responsive layouts
  • Lightweight
  • Easy content modules: HTML, photo, Video, Audio, Text editor and sidebar
  • Shortcodes and WordPress Widgets
  • Build custom modules
  • Additional modules including maps, social icons, tabs, contact form and many more

Security of your website is one of the most crucial aspects for your site. As we know there are scores of nasty hackers on the web which can try to trouble you. They can destroy your entire creation within seconds. To make secure your website from hackers by preventing their attack can be possible with this useful WordPress Plugin – Wordfence.

Wordfence provides security to your website with great features including malware scan and blocking. It also offers firewall protection and login security.

It also offers live traffic monitoring. It allows you to monitor traffic on your website in real time. It lends a helping hand for logins, logouts, robots, humans, 404 errors and many more. The real-time monitoring of traffic can make you well aware of security aspects of your website and let you taking immediate actions.

The major feature of this plugin is it saves your website from hackers. It blocks all the familiar attackers and wicked networks with blocking features. It also checks authentication and strength of user and admin passwords.

When it is about the Updraft WordPress Plugin, it is the highest ranking scheduled backup plugin helping you backup files and database. It helps to backup these into a cloud and you can restore it with only a single click. It is simple, safe and quick to action. It is your automatic backup system. With you can reliably set it and be worry-free about the loss of database.

This plugin helps you when you need it most because we know there are possibilities to go something wrong. Sometimes server crashes or the hosting firm may go out of action or it may be hacked. If you don’t have structured database, you may lose all.

  • It restores and backs up
  • It works with quick action
  • It is a time-tested plugin
  • Automatic backup schedule

When it is about the speed of your website, image size matters most because the large image files can slow down your website and you may not know the reason at all. Images are significant features for your site page that is meant to engage visitors of your site. It is built to convey the message to your potential customer. One image can deliver a great message than lengthy text.

There is a great and a favorite WordPress Plugin to reduce file size without compromising with image quality. You can compress images maintaining its impact.

WP Smush plugin can quickly examine every image of your file and proceed to cut the avoidable data. The major aspect of this plugin is while working on your image files; it does not slow down your website. It optimizes all the files in GIF, JPEG and PNG formats using sophisticated compression techniques and saves stacks of storage space.

It auto-smushes all the attachments on upload. One can manually smush attachments in a media library.

This mailchimp Plugin lets the website visitors subscribe easily to your newsletter. It provides you an opportunity to escalate your mailchimp list. It also offers different methods to make you write better newsletters. With it, creating attractive forms and make them integrate with existing form is easy. Because of the facility to integrate it easily, you can proceed to subscribe your visitors to mailchimp from form on your website including comment form or checkout form.

It is very simple to configure as it blends in with an original theme. It also offers a suite of the variety of beautiful plugins. This WordPress Plugin integrates well with different plugins including BuddyPress, Ninja Forms 3, MemberPress, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and many others.

  • User-friendly and attractive sign-up forms
  • Mobile optimized
  • Hand-over full control over form fields
  • Convert more site visitors into subscribers

WordPress Plugins are one of the fundamental powers of WordPress. This piece of software with a helpful functionality is easy to add the wordpress site and you can enjoy the extended functionality and novel features. It seamlessly integrates with WordPress. It is vital to know the right plugin to make your project done beautifully, fast and efficiently.